Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby Dinosaur Found in British Columbia

One of my readers informed me recently about an article on a "new baby dinosaur reveals cause of death." The skeleton of the juvenile (3-year old) specimen is complete. It has been identified as Chasmosaurus bellii, and this genus is a relative of the famous Triceratops. The specimen is of Late Cretaceous age (70 million years old) and from British Columbia. You will need to read more about the specimen to see how this juvenile died.

The link is HERE 

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  1. I have always had a true fascination with dinosaurs after watching Jurassic Park. Although the film was very flawed with some historical facts, it has been one of my most favorite films. My favorite dinosaur was "triceratops" and considering this fossil was found so fully intact truly astounds me. There is another dinosaur lover in my family: my 5 year old nephew Jeremy. I showed him this and he fluttered with excitement. He has mentioned numerous times that he wants to be a Paleontologist.
    Thanks for sharing!
    -Brenda Rodriguez