Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pliocene to Modern Turritella

This is the last Turritella in the series of eight species. This species, which has a fossil record, is extant (still living). 

height 34.5 mm
a fossil specimen
height 29 mm
a modern specimen

                  Turritella cooperi Carpenter, 1864

AGE RANGE: Cenozoic (early Pliocene to Holocene = about 5 million years ago to today)
GEOGRAPHIC RANGE: Central California to Cedros Island off the west coast of central Baja California, Mexico.
REMARKS: Turritella cooperi is characterized by two having two principal spiral ribs on its whorls, but there are variations. This species is very common in storm-related deposits of late upper Pliocene age in southern California. Modern specimens are rarely found as beach drift on some central and southern California beaches. The ocean temperature north of central California is simply too cold today for TurritellaMost modern species of Turritella are found in tropical waters

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